Photoreal virtual enviroments with a twist

Over the course of our first season our characters journey through forests, over valleys and mountains - all virtual - and all with one strange thing in common. A vast and ancient architecture lies decaying in their midst. Our characters are so used to it that they hardly even notice it’s there. It’s just how their world is. But oddly, they don’t really know where it came from or who built it. Man certainly doesn’t have the wherewithal.

The giant, cracked, weather beaten head of an ancient deity rises from the earth like a drowning man. Its body, one imagines, reaches deep into the ground covered over by thousands of years of nature’s debris… When it stood tall it must have touched the clouds.

The forest – a very unusual forest – grows from the cracks of a vast stone floor. Gnarled, leafless trees push their way to an angry life, tangling with each other to form a ceiling of thorns and branches. What cavernous building once stood over this extraordinary floor? Our characters only know that it is the work of the Gods.

Perhaps each and every location they visit – the forest of whispers, the desert of silent sorrow, the valley of thorns, even the great city of Athens itself – holds part of the answer to this riddle, each a piece of a puzzle that, once Hero and his allies have solved the mystery of the Lexicon, offer up a simple explanation.

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